Ladies & Gentlemen,

As we come closer and closer to the time of voting for our next President, I implore you... NAY...

I BEG of you. Exercise your right to vote NOW by voting with as many stars as possible at the following links:




Thank you for doing your patriotic duty.
- hikarisenshi
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Little Big PS3 Theme!

If you've been looking for an awesome PS3 theme, look no further! How to install:

1. Download zip file
2. Unzip and place PS3 folder and its contents onto a flash drive.
3. Turn on PS3 and plug in flash drive.
4. Go to Settings on the XMB -> Theme Settings -> Theme -> Install
5. Install "Little Big PS3" from the flash drive.
6. Apply the THEME!
7. Enjoy!

Posted @ LJ Communities first!
- hikarisenshi
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Things to Do Today

1. Open wii_smashonline
2. Eat
3. Get ready for the opening by posting lots of stuff up like downloads, avatars, etc.
4. Ask for help

XD, so I need some help from my f-list! Would anyone like to contribute Smash Bros. avatars? I'm going to sticky an intro post with a whole bunch of media, interesting links to some articles about the game, etc.

Let me know if you'd like to contribute! ;D

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Smash Bros. Brawl

Should I go ahead and make a community for Smash Bros. Brawl? I've been dying to make a new layout, and the community could be used for FAQ's and friend codes and whatnot...
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Remember Our Past

Christmas Time is Here

What do I enjoy most about the Holidays?

For me, I spend the majority of the year tightly wound up and this is the only chance I get to relax. Also, I feel as if I'm starting over once the Season is done. It's as if I can leave all the bad, all the issues I had last year and begin anew.

Resolutions for next year?

Ugh, to worry less about things I can't control! XD, and enjoy those around me more. I think I take that for granted, sometimes.

Blah, post for the day. There. ;D

Merry Christmas, EVERYONE!!1!!
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Obra De Dios

wiikend Ideas?

Ugh, I feel so bad for not doing more with this community, but I'm going to start getting behind because I am newly inspired, XD!

So, I wanted to add some previews with reviews; like multimedia goodies to go along with a review.

Also, I wanted to do some previews of games; like Final Fantasy XIII, because my bro just got some cool new media on it and he's so good at polishing up video and subbing and coding, XD!

Maybe some video game music reviews, as well? Just throwing out ideas...

Anyone else have something they would like to see out of a review community? Any suggestions? ;0;